Big News !


I will be moving out of Illinois; either headed to the East Coast or the West Coast.  It’s time for a change, for the better !


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This was a very brief, yet eventful trip. I haven’t been to Orlando in 18yrs. Prior to traveling there, I received responses from people in Tampa (although I specifically advertised I was going to be in Orlando) such as, “When are you going to be in Tampa? Are you coming to Tampa?” Answer: If you want to see Me in your location, you’re simply going to have to pay for all of My accommodations.

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Happy New Year !

2017 has been excellent! I look forward to what 2018 has to offer.

Tonight’s Itinerary: Having a fancy dinner at one of My favorite restaurants, sipping on Cava Rose champagne, dancing in the privacy of My home, and bundling up since tonight will be -6 degrees here in Chicago.

Happy 2018 everyone !

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