New Orleans is truly charming! New Orleans has incredible food, talented artists and musicians….. and lots of slaves who craved My attention. This 2nd time traveling to your city has been phenomenal. I’ll say it again, I cannot wait to be back!

More Boston Pics

I believe this was My 4th time sessioning in Boston. It was very nice to see My regulars, as usual. Also, this time, so many novices wanted to session. Some stated the experience they have had with Me is a fantasy that has finally come true. Some stated they never would have thought in a million of years that they would be interested into BDSM.  And you know what? That’s ok. I’ve said this before about Boston: I cannot wait to be back in your city!


L stands for “loser bitch in a diaper”.  I’ll be honest, not many people request to be placed in a diaper. This was definitely for humiliation purposes. He came in wearing a diaper, and left wearing a soggy diaper. 😛