Session Information

I’ve been receiving more & more phone calls from people requesting either: Session discounts, half-hour sessions, and strap-on. The answer: No. And No. And NO ! It annoys Me immensely, when I receive these questions.
My advice: Read over My Session Information!


I read this on a slaves’ bio page on a website, and I must say, I am quite intrigued……
slavery is not about suffering, / slavery is about service.
slavery is not about humiliation / slavery is about humility.
slavery is not about pain / slavery is about being present.
slavery is not about being used / slavery is about being of use.
slavery is not about control / slavery is about letting go.
slavery is not about your desires / slavery is about giving to others.
slavery is not about abuse / slavery is about acceptance.
slavery is not about proving anything / slavery is about being real.
slavery is not about contempt / slavery is about respect.
slavery is not about how you look / slavery is about the size of your heart.
slavery is not about denying yourself / slavery is about being open.

Contacting Me

If you send a text message to inquire about a session, I will NOT respond.
If you send a one line email to inquire about a session, I will NOT respond.
If you do not leave a voice-mail (if I do not answer the phone), I will NOT respond.
Contact Me by calling Me or by sending an email (preferably a paragraph or two). Get it? Got it? GOOD!

Back To School

It’s back-to-school season. So, if I dare here if you haven’t been doing your homework, I will have no choice but to bend you over, embarrass you by spanking your butt, and assign you tough homework assignments.