L stands for “loser bitch in a diaper”.  I’ll be honest, not many people request to be placed in a diaper. This was definitely for humiliation purposes. He came in wearing a diaper, and left wearing a soggy diaper. 😛

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Slave Bound

Slave Bound.

Have you ever fantasized being totally enclosed in leather? Bound tightly, gagged, blindfolded and hooded with your ears plugged where you simply cannot hear a thing?  Of course, you’re unable to break free after I capture you.

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Busy Woman

Today: sessions + custom video shoot + webcam sessions via skype + editing a hot custom clip + receiving gifts (one gift is pictured) + not feeling my greatest for the past few days (there’s a ‘bug’ going around).  Luckily, I am a-ok today! Great to be home, finally relaxing.

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