Pic for today. Taken Before play-time. My slave was allowed to worship Me, pamper Me in any way I desired. Pain + Pleasure = so good! he was spoiled! I'm Sad to see him go back home, 7,227 miles away. 

Today is a great day for an extended session with one lucky slut. Oh yes, he's going to be in good hands with ME.
Today: Photo Shoot with Scott Linkenheld. P.S. It's a wig, guys.
My Birthday Weekend, That Is ! Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes, Birthday Gifts and making My 35th Birthday memorable. Pssst, It's never too late to send Me gifts from My Amazon Wishlist.
Pic 1: Ready To Dance @ Smart Bar  Pic 2: Ready To Dine @ Carnivale    Pic 3: Ready To Sweat @ Late Bar
My goal for the remainder of 2017:
I would like to travel to U.S. cities where I've never been to, because why not !
On the list (all the dates are TBA)...

San Diego
Kansas City
Key West
If you are located in any of these cities & you are interested in booking a session, then contact Me:

It's that time of year again..... My Birthday (which happens to be on May 5).
I will be celebrating by spanking some very lucky boys (and girls).
35 harsh spankings, since I will be 35 yrs old.
If you would like to book a special Birthday Spanking Session from yours truly, then you may send Me an email to inquire.

Gifts... I do love gifts for My Birthday ! I accept gifts from My Amazon wish list @ www.amazon.com.
Gift Rocket found at GiftRocket.com . In the form, be sure to enter My name, the amount & My email address (which is MistressXena_Chicago@yahoo.com).

Thanks, slaves !

Do you like My Daytime/Night-Time Looks?
It's been 5 yrs since I've been to L.A. So, this was a real treat!
I.... Played With Some Lucky Bitches, Did A LOT of Sight Seeing, Lots of Driving, Fine Dining &
REALLY Enjoyed The Weather. Can't wait to be back !