It's back-to-school season. So, if I dare here if you haven't been doing your homework, I will have no choice but to bend you over, embarrass you by spanking your butt, and assign you tough homework assignments.
Review Written by Trample Boy

Thank you so much for being an excellent host at your dungeon, a phenomenal dominatrix (now the best I've ever seen after you finally tried jumping on me from your fetish furniture,) for fully trusting me in what I can handle where now you go full out/full weight on everything, and for being "a sport" on shooting short videos with me. As always, I really really enjoy my sessions with you and it literally "showed" today. As I said, stay you and now you've added face sitting as a tertiary fetish for me. Thanks again for an awesome session and your feet were enjoyable also.

MANY kinky clips have been added to Bizarre Cinema in the month of August.
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Say AHHH ! - 6 minutes 
Bound, Blindfolded & Tickled - 5 minutes
Nipple Torture & CBT Fun - 5 Minutes
Electro Torture Fun - 4 minutes 
Tappin' That Ass In NYC (pt 2) - 6 minutes
Caning That Ass In NYC - 4 minutes 
Latex Fetish At Its Finest (pt 1) - 6 minutes
Latex Fetish At Its Finest (pt 2) - 8 minutes 
Latex Fetish At Its Finest (pt 3) - 7 minutes 
Latex Fetish At Its Finest (pt 4) - 6 minutes 
Your Punishment: Flogging - 6 minutes 
Your Punishment: CBT - 10 minutes 
Your Punishment: My Dildo - 7 minutes 
Mean Boss Lady (pt 1) - 5 minutes 
Mean Boss Lady (pt 2) - 7 minutes 
Mean Boss Lady (pt 3) - 5 minutes 
Mean Boss Lady (pt 4) - 5 minutes


part 1: Mistress Xena has trained Her rubber boy quite well. The rubber boy is here to serve Mistress in any way possible.Today, he has the privilege to shine Her latex clad body. Watch closely, to see how Her rubber boy shines Her outfit.From rubbing Mistress Xena's gorgeous ass, to Her strong legs. Mistress deserves to be pampered. Now, it's time for the rubber boy for his treat. Mistress Xena decides to shine his latex clad body; particularly shining his pants,focusing on shining his cock and his ass. Mistress Xena is the ultimate cock tease !

part 2: Mistress Xena places Her rubber slave in a very restrictive latex body bag. Now, he is Mistress Xena's rubber cocoon, and she does whatever She wishes with Her slave.Mistress touches his body gently, teasing him, as he is becoming erect inside the body bag.Mistress smothers him by covering his gas-mask tube; even placing the tube between Her breasts, so he is only able to inhale the scent. Surprise Surprise, Mistress brings out the hitachi, only to tease his cock, driving Her slave absolutely crazy. And this is only part 2.

part 3: It's time for sounds & electricity for Mistress Xena's rubber boy.He is bound in the latex body bag, and Mistress Xena exposes his cock & balls for torture.Mistress applies the tens unit on his erect cock & his tender balls. At the same time,Mistress inserts a long metal urethral sound in his piss hole. Mistress Xena's rubber slave is experiencing sensory overload; having nowhere to go, he takes it like a champ.

part 4: This is the last video of this series. Mistress Xena gives him the ultimate reward. She pegs him, instructs him to masturbate for Her, and teases his cock with Her intense hitachi vibrator. At the end, Mistress Xena controls his orgasm. As Mistress Xena fucks Her rubber slaves' asshole, She suddenly turns off the vibrator. Then, turns the vibrator back on. Then, off.She is the queen of tease. Mistress is capable of teasing his cock & asshole at the same time. At the end, he is instructed to place his shiny rubber hand on his cock, only to stroke it. Mistress Xena grants him permission to cum. So, he did.
New Review Written by Joe P. Tickle, written on the Tickling Forum....

Mistress Xena welcomed me at the Studio’s door as usual. What was different was that today’s tickle party included three other playmates, the first time I’ve been at the mercy of four ticklers.

Mistress Sass owns beautiful flowing red hair and a smooth, sensual singer’s voice that she likes to drop to a whispery tone in ticklish ears. Mistress Andrea’s gorgeous eyes accent her short blond hair and perfect smile. Miss D rocked a purple mohawked hairstyle, with a model-trim body and impish tickle-talk voice. Mistress Xena, the Studio’s owner with long brunette locks and penetrating brown eyes, flashed her voluptuous charm and years of dominatrix experience.

All of them sported well-groomed tickling nails, showing them off to me as I undressed. Soon they had me spread-eagle cuffed in a face-up position on a leather bondage table. Mistress Xena slipped a blindfold over my eyes. Ten anonymous nails started grazing my left foot, ten more stroking my right arch. Two more hands wriggled into my underarms while a final set spidered on my sides.

I tried not to squirm, but Mistress Xena and her friends knew me too well from previous sessions to hold still. “Tiiickle tickle” and other cooed taunts weakened my resistance for 20 minutes. A tongue snaked into my ear. Curious claws explored the palms of my hands, stomach and knees. Toothbrushes scrubbed between my toes, and the relentless verbal arousing continued. Eventually their attention turned to draining me. With two giggling vixens tickling all over my feet, another lightly teasing my balls and Mistress Xena steadily working a vibrator along my shaft, they succeeded twice in an hour.

Another blissful hour remained. They loved my exposure upright in the X-frame, enjoying the futility of my clenching defenseless muscles as they assaulted from front and behind. From there they moved me to a spanking bench, allowing easy erotic access.
At the end of the session they asked if I had any last words. “Can we do this again sometime?”

NEW Clips on Bizarre Cinema!!!
With: Mistress Xena & NYC slave

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Tappin' That Ass In NYC (part 2) - 6 mins

Electro Torture Fun - 4 mins

Nipple Torture & CBT Fun - 5 mins

Bound, Blindfolded & Tickled - 5 mins

NEW Clips on Bizarre Cinema!!!
With: Mistress Xena & Christina the Cunt

Movies Found @


Disciplining the Dummy - 5 minutes

Kneel & Worship Me - 6 minutes

Cock & Ball Stretching - 5 minutes

Hands Over His Mouth - 5 minutes

Say AHHH ! - 6 minutes

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