Review Written by Trample Boy

Thank you so much for being an excellent host at your dungeon, a phenomenal dominatrix (now the best I've ever seen after you finally tried jumping on me from your fetish furniture,) for fully trusting me in what I can handle where now you go full out/full weight on everything, and for being "a sport" on shooting short videos with me. As always, I really really enjoy my sessions with you and it literally "showed" today. As I said, stay you and now you've added face sitting as a tertiary fetish for me. Thanks again for an awesome session and your feet were enjoyable also.



09/08/2017 3:05am

Your new costumes are great and very sleek! I am so excited to see you wearing that costume because I am sure that will make you prettier and bolder! I know that you always aim to look classy and fierce in your photos, and there is nothing wrong with that. I just hope that you would always choose to be a good influence to other people. By doing such, you can be a good online influencer! By the way, I am looking forward for more costumes of yours!


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