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I Had a great time in Austin. From checking out lots of legendary places to beating up bitches. Never a dull moment with Me! The BBQ was top notch, the flying bats @ sunset was something you'd see in the movies (it was much better in person), the hospitality was delightful (thanks Chris for showing Me around your town), and the humidity was intense, but I loved it.



07/13/2017 1:26am

Glad you had fun! Come back soon. Sounds like you had a solid time and hit up some good places. The most fun for me that I have EVER had in Austin and it was mostly due to the awesomeness of Verde Camp. It meant a lot to have such a peaceful, cute, and cozy place to come home to every day. It’s a lovely place and we felt like we were living in Austin in the coolest neighborhood ever.


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