It's that time of year again..... My Birthday (which happens to be on May 5).
I will be celebrating by spanking some very lucky boys (and girls).
35 harsh spankings, since I will be 35 yrs old.
If you would like to book a special Birthday Spanking Session from yours truly, then you may send Me an email to inquire.

Gifts... I do love gifts for My Birthday ! I accept gifts from My Amazon wish list @
Gift Rocket found at . In the form, be sure to enter My name, the amount & My email address (which is

Thanks, slaves !



I wish you an advance happy birthday! I hope your dreams will come true. I’m declaring God’s blessing to your life and to your family. I really wanted to greet my friends a long and cheesy birthday message but my laziness is winning. The most important is I greet them with all my heart. I always love birthday messages.


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