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I've received requests for traveling to ...
Seattle, New Orleans, Austin and Kansas City.
A little bit of advice...
If you want Me to travel to your location, you must cover My traveling expenses up front
before I even consider booking with you.
This includes: Air Fare and Hotel fees.
And yes, this also includes the session donation.
To make it worth My while and yours, I expect a session to be at least 2 hours.
Sponsor My travels by emailing Me:


04/18/2017 7:27am

This should be an automatic deal, right? If you are requesting a person to come to you, you must cover all the expenses needed for her trip. By the way, I know the people of Seattle, New Orleans, Austin, and Kansas city love you to be there. I hope they have the budget to make this one possible! By the way, thank you for this kind update!


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