It was great meeting you lucky bitches in Detroit. My trip was sponsored by a willing victim ("Doughboy") who requested Beat-down sessions. WOW, IT WAS FUN !!!

Then, A random person over the phone asked Me the other day, "What's a "Beatdown Session"? I'll tell you in a very short answer: Beatdown session = I beat the shit out of you. 

Ok, I'll describe it in detail: It involves Ball Busting, Face Slapping / Face Punching (with Punching, I tend to wear boxing gloves & you MUST wear a mouth guard), Hair Pulling, Kicking & Belly Punching. It is intense!!!

So, if you request a Beat Down session, make sure you are aware what you're getting yourself into. Inform Me of your limits, what your pain tolerance is and if you may receive marks or not. 


02/23/2017 3:23pm

I had a wonderful time as well, Mistress. I hope that Detroit treated you well, and that you found your stay here to be both enjoyable and worthwhile. I'd be delighted to sponsor a return visit whenever you wish, as it is my sincerest hope that you will make the Motor City one of your regular travel destinations.

03/01/2017 10:08am

All we want is to have some fun before we die. Thanks for a great time together!


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