slaves, if you would love to purchase a gift for Me, be sure to visit My Amazon wishlist for goodies I desire.

Other ways to give....
If you would like to donate $ to charities, here are a few that I can recommend....
Ann & Robert Lurie Children's Hospital
PAWS Chicago
Treehouse Foundation



01/05/2017 5:56am

Its the festival season and all are celebrating the new years eve. I like donating the necessary goods and amount for the ngo's. I would definitely like to donate for the above shared links by the post.

01/19/2017 8:21am

What a kind heart you got there. I also believe that the Christmas season is the season of giving. We must give especially to the poor. I will be sharing this to my friends. I will also be waiting for your new posts.

03/01/2017 10:19am

Charity is a great way to improve your status and a great deed itself. What a great idea.


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