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To all newbies: YES, I see novices all the time.

I receive the common emails / calls, and the first sentence that usually comes out from the caller is, "I've never done this before. I don't know what I'd like to try."

My recommendation: Read My 'Session Interests' page to get a general idea on what I offer in My sessions. If you don't see a particular fetish on My list that you would like to experience, then ask Me if I offer your fetish.

Also, don't forget to read what I do NOT offer in sessions. I'll cut to the chase & mention what I do NOT offer:
Anything Illegal, Nudity on My Part, Sex on My Part, Switch/Submissive sessions on My part, Dancing, Escort Services, Massages, Roman or Red Showers, Blood Sports, Fire Play, Anything Ending In 'Jobs', Cuckolding Scenes, Blackmailing, Play Piercing or Needle Play. 


01/10/2017 10:14pm

Hi there! I think I've watched you on Eve. I don't know what particular channel is that actually. That show features a girl who serves the fetish of its customers but not in an illegal or immoral kind of way. I would just like to know if it is you or not. Thanks.


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