I'm going to have to remind some of you guys what My pet peeves are....

Do NOT call Me 'Baby'. Address Me as Mistress Xena.
Do NOT ask for fetishes I do not offer, either in person or over the phone. I will laugh at you.
My sessions are Safe, Sane and Consensual. I will NOT 'destroy' you permanently, idiot!
My phone hours are 10am-10pm. Do NOT call after 10pm. It's simply rude.
Do NOT ask Me if poppers are allowed in sessions. The answer is NO.
Do NOT ask for a discount. I hate cheap fucks. I really do. It's a huge turn-off.
Do NOT ask Me what My age is, how much I weigh and what My height is.
Do NOT show up late to our session. If you're late due to traffic, you must call Me.
Do NOT ask Me to Marry you. I will laugh hysterically in your face.
Do NOT come to the dungeon smelling like cigarettes or B/O. I will make you mouthwash & throw your ass in the shower!



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