Today, Mistress Clawdia asked if I would like to join Her for a session. The scene: Mistress Clawdia and I were Stern 'Aunties', ready to tease our very naughty nephew. We were dressed in business suits, corsets, pantyhose, and high heels. 
We dressed our peeping 'nephew' in pantyhose, girdle, bra, and a soft slip. It was his dream come true, having two Women Dominating him at the same time. And personally, I really enjoy Double Domination scenes with My Girlfriends. At any rate, Our 'nephew' was in pure heaven, worshipping Our Legs, sniffing Our Feet, seeing the heels dangle from Our Feet. And, his wardrobe choice made him feel super sexy, which is great ! So slaves, listen up....
If you are interested in a 2-Domme session, let Me know. I can work My magic and arrange it. 


04/25/2017 8:07am

Healthy legs and healthy skin are signs of good health. People took more care on the face and body. But they pay less attention on legs. Your article tells about the importance of legs in the beauty.


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