Hello slaves ! I haven't updated My Clips4Sale POV Store in a while. I've been focusing on enjoying the Summer as much as humanly possible, because here in Chicago, Winter comes in a heartbeat. So, I'm living it up. But soon, I am going to get back into the swing of things. Send Me your input on specific clips you would like to see & purchase, and I would be happy to make the clips. Thank you for your patience! xox


03/14/2017 12:24am

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In Final Cut Pro, you can rapidly play one clasp's sound, barring sound from different clasps. This component, called solo, works by crippling the sound in every single unselected clasp in the course of events. You can likewise debilitate (as opposed to erase) chose cuts, making them undetectable and quiet amid playback. Crippled clasps don't show up in any yield.


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