Pictured above (L-R): Mistress Alexandra Sadista, Mistress Sophia Asphixya, Myself and Joe P. Tickle.
Today is Joe P's birthday, so the 3 of Us have the perfect birthday gift for him: TICKLE TORTURE!
Tickling has to be one of My favorite torturous activities I do to My boys. The laughter, the squirming, the helplessness is what excites Me. Laughter is music to My ears. Tickle enthusiasts ask Me what My favorite tool to use for tickling. There's the electric toothbrush, ticklish feathers, wartenberg wheel, vibrator (yes, vibrators can be quite ticklish depending on where it's placed). The list goes on and on. But My favorite technique for tickling is simply just using My fingernails, My fingers, and My mouth, which is perfect for raspberries! I can't wait to tickle joe p. again. Hopefully very soon. By the way, these clips were filmed, which joe consented to. he loves being on cam, hearing himself laugh and watching himself being tormented by 3 beautiful Goddesses.
The clips are called, " 3 Dommes Tickle Joe P. (part 1- 4)" found on My Clips Store: http://clips4sale.com/14487


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