1. That we hate all men. This is certainly untrue. I hate, hate, HATE this misconception. Just because a client asks for a harsh beating, and administer the pain that they desire; this doesn't mean we hate them. We are giving them exactly what they want.

2. That we give the same services as Escorts. Dominatrices advertise on websites such as Eros or Backpage. These sites are also used by Escorts. Let me be very clear: All we offer is Domination and Fantasy. We are providing a fantasy, which is an experience of Fetishism, Domination, and/or Humiliation. What we do NOT offer: Prostitution, Girlfriend Experience, Massage, Happy Endings, etc. The clients are extremely satisfied after a session and thier fantasies have been fulfilled.

3. That we do not have a life outside of the dungeon. It's great to be in the dungeon doing what I do best. But I must say, it also feels great to lounge around My home, or, hang out with friends/family.

4. That we do not respect limits. Before a session begins (and during an initial phone call or email contact), it's important that you discuss your limits. It's also important to mention any health concerns you might have. We will take that into consideration and respect that. It's necessary to use your code word during a session, which is usually 'Mercy' or 'Red'. This is to signify that if something is too much (for instance: CBT, Spanking, etc etc). If something is too much, then call out your code word. Then, we will stop. Another code word: "Yellow", meaning to slow down, or "Green" meaning to continue. Don't be afraid to use that code word. My advice: Do not say you don't have any limits. Again: Everyone has limits.

5. That we are always mean. Personally, it would quickly drain My energy, if I were mean all the time. We are mean when we want to be. If you desire a mean and cruel Dominant, then we will most likely act in this manner during a session. However, this is not a representation of how we act every single day.

6. That we are in this line of business only for the money. When there are women who approach me wanting to be a Pro-Domme, the first question I ask is: "Why do you want to be a Pro-Domme?" Most of the time, the first answer that is given to me is, "I need a job, and I need to make money." This is a business. This is a profession. This is a lifestyle. This is not a quick-money-making-opportunity. If money is your main concern, this is not the job for you. Even though, yes, one does have the ability to make a great deal of money in this, there are times when you realize that the position revolves around primal urges of clients when they can sneak away for free-time from their everyday life.

7. That anybody can do this. If you buy 1 whip and 1 corset, you are not automatically a Dominatrix. Or, just because you watched 50 Shades of Grey, you are not a Dominatrix. Just because you have a set of fluffy handcuffs you purchased from Lovers Lane, you have no concept of Bondage. What we do requires discipline, training, and technique. This is not something you can learn overnight on some random website.

8. That people into BDSM / Fetish are not normal. If you practice this lifestyle, it doesn't mean you need to be rushed and healed of your sins by a Priest or seek Psychiatric help because you think you are a 'Freak'. BDSM is a healthy lifestyle. BDSM certainly spices things up in the bedroom. I've once read in a study (I can't remember the source) that if you practice BDSM, that you will live longer (no kidding!)  It's OK to have a Foot Fetish. It's OK to play cops & robbers. It's OK to feel a heavy flogger stinging your bottom.

9. That if you see a Femdom, then you are cheating on your Spouse. The sessions are sexual in nature, but it's not sex. So, in My opinion, this is not cheating. 

10. That we are all the same. We all have similar play-styles, similar wardrobe, similar looks. But, we are all different in our own way. Each Domme has a special niche about them. Myself, I'm a "Femdom Fatale".  I personify a "Sexual, Powerful, and Dominant Woman that you better not cross". My specialty is that I'm a "Rubber Goddess". I truly have a personal Fetish for wearing Latex and encasing my clients in Rubber Devices. So, if you have a personal favorite activity you like doing to your slaves, you can mention, "I am Mistress So & So, Naughty Nurse of Chicago, L.A. or wherever you're located". Very important: Don't copy another Femdom. Create your own identity, because you will be cheating the experience of your potential clients and more importantly, you'll be cheating yourself from discovering who you could really become.
Last, some Dommes have their own limits. Not all Femdoms offer Toilet Training. Or not all Femdoms offer Medical Fetish. This is okay. Example: I do not offer Needle Play. And, if you are seeking that activity, then I would recommend another Mistress for you.


12/01/2016 7:29am

The title of your post hits me so hard. I am so happy to read your post. I must be true to myself. I believe that cheating is bad. Money is not my concern to live in this world. I just want to be happy and I know that I deserve it. I understand that I’m already one step ahead.


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