I am pretty excited to be visiting Boston soon (Dec 5-7).
This is My 1st time holding sessions in your city.
Send an introductory email to Me: MistressXena_Chicago@yahoo.com
I suggest you book ahead of time. I prefer 24hr notice. And if I have a same-day session opening, that's totally fine, too.
I look forward to meeting some of you kinky Bostonians!

Liz inquired about having a session with Me & eagerly wanted her pictures to be taken.
Isn't she adorable??!!
It was her very 1st time sessioning with a Pro-Dominatrix, and boy, was SHE in for a treat!
She was transformed into a maid and received a good ol' spanking. At first, she was extremely nervous,
but after the session, the nerves went away. I'm sure that when she was on her way home, her ass was on
fire, after all the paddling and bare-handed spankings. :)

On Saturday, My Girlfriend and I made this hot video called, "Nunsploitation".
This is a custom film from My client from Germany.
If you would like your very own custom film, then you are more than welcome to email Me.
Be specific as to what you're seeking, how many minutes you are seeking, and if you would like
another Female (or male) with Me in the film. Email: MistressXena_Chicago@yahoo.com
Schedule: I am unavailable Monday night, however you can see Me during the afternoon/early evening.
Regarding Tuesday, I am available to session from 10am-8pm.
Contact Me to inquire: MistressXena_Chicago@yahoo.com
I attended a fantastic art gallery tonight. I usually don't go to art galleries. But, the main reason I attended was to see friends, to see all the beautiful people that surrounded the room, to admire the art that was hanging on the walls, and last, to see a pretty neat painting of yours truly. The last image is Me in My fabulous ''Rubber Nurse' uniform. It was painted by Charles Moesch. If you're interested in purchasing the piece, then I suggest you contact Charles via Facebook to discuss details.