New image by Chitown-Foto.
Who: Mistress Xena & Ebony Midnight. 
I've been photographed by Chitown-Foto for 4 years now. He is one of the best !




What do I do to naughty slaves? IGNORE THEM !
They belong in the cage, butt naked, ignored by Me.
As I played with My cell-phone, he stared at My toes, begging to worship them.
he begged to lick the bottom of My dirty heels. he begged to be released from the cage.
Since he was naughty, he did NOT receive the privilege of pampering Me.
Instead, I finally released him for one purpose.... to CRUSH HIM WITH THESE BEAUTIFUL PLATFORM HEELS!

Pic: Spreader-bar-bondage I placed My slave in.
he isn't going anywhere for a very long time !
his back is pretty pink too, from all the heavy floggings I gave him.
Since he was such a good boy, he was allowed to worship My glamorous fur.
Good boys DO receive rewards. Goddess Worship is one of them !
Which Humiliating Act is your Favorite?
1. Licking Dirt off from the bottom of My boots?
2. Having your balls turned into an ugly puppet?
3. Singing Happy Birthday to you, with a candle up your bum?