Pictured is one of My new slaves. Of course, I own that cock. Meaning, that cock can tolerate as much abuse that I have to offer. he was ever-so grateful for this picture, the pain, and the attention. This cock crusher was made by a man named 'Word' from California, way back in 2005 (I believe). I love hand-made goods such as this torturous gem, which is, of course, engraved with My name.
Although it's just a ball-crusher, I decided to add his 'little friend' to the group.
his cock needed to be crushed, along with his hideous balls.
Looks like a sandwich, huh? A not-so-edible sandwich!
Thank you for this super-sexy body shaper, slave sandra! The brand of this shaper is Rago. Rago makes, by far, the best body shapers, girdles, garter belts in My opinion. slave sandra took Me shopping @ Skyscraper Heels in Chicago where this gem was displayed. Instantly, I had to have it. It's pink, which is a color that I usually don't wear often. So I thought, "What the hell. I can pull this off !" And by the looks of it, it clearly suits My curvy body.