Mistress Clawdia, Mistress Alexandra and I had a BLAST tickling Joe P Tickle !
Joe P. is always spoiled; having 3 beautiful Goddesses tickle his entire body, as his giggles echo the room.
I must say, his laughs are quite contagious !

The videos will be up on My site shortly @ http://clips4sale.com/14487
Mistress Myrina and I had so much fun humiliating "Christina, the Fairy". And yes, there is video footage !
Videos Added on My Clips4Sale:
"Boring Fairy Masturbator"
"My Little Fairy Cocksucker"
"Foot Fetish Fairy"

"Humiliating The Fucking Fairy (part 1 & 2)"
Clips Store may be found @ http://clips4sale.com/14487
1st Scene: Candle-Coated-Cock
2nd Scene: Nipple Torture Hurts
3rd Scene: A Couple Of Couches
These videos will be on My Clips4Sale store SOON. So, stay tuned!
'Paula' was pleased to see Me on this lovely Sunday afternoon. It's been 3 years since she's seen Me.
Too much work & not enough play = NO GOOD ! Today, she wanted to lose control. And, she did.
She begged for a transformation + intense, inescapable bondage.I was pleased by My 'work of art'.
Bottom Left: 3 Layer Bondage = Leather straps + saran wrap + rope. The moans coming from her mouth were quite pleasant.
And, check out that smiley-face ball gag ! :)

Fur + High Heels + Having My way with My slave = a very GOOD DAY !
Shiny things make Me tingle ! Yes, it's true. Whether I'm wearing a pair of either shiny boots or shiny heels,then I'll be satisfied, no matter what. So tonight, I slipped on a pair of shiny black knee high boots & open-toe heels. Both pairs are made to worship. Made to have a slave beneath them. So, My client paid Me a visit tonight, begging to lick every inch of My shoes. And, I was nice enough to let him have that opportunity !
My girl was so pretty this afternoon. Bondage, Crossdressing & Spanking OH MY !
Last minute decision... I'm celebrating My B-day tomorrow by dancing the night away @ Smart Bar @ this event: https://www.facebook.com/events/205633976489327/

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