Tonight: Foot Fetish / Crushing / Giantess Session !
Today, I went to Milwaukee and played at Mistress Myrina's studio.
My client: he requested an extended session (approx. 4hrs).
Here are a few goodies I brought with Me.
And after the session, let's just say he was pretty sore !



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This afternoon's session: Kidnapping scene. My victim was helpless; tied to the cage. This was supposed to last all night. Then WHAM, he stated he felt guilty because he has a Girlfriend. SMH.

Sometimes, when fantasies become reality, it's a power trip & can scare the hell out of someone. In this case, he was so frightened; sweating like a pig, and was begging to leave.

So, he insisted I keep the 12hr session fee & I sent him packin'. I have no time for scared little bitches. Or maybe, just maybe, he gets off on a Woman takin' his hard earned money. Hey, I'm not complainin'.

This clip was titled, "The Rivalry". This was filmed a couple years back. It started out by kicking his ass in public, then luring his ass into the dungeon to HAVE MY WAY with him!
There are 3 parts to this movie.
Length: 25 minutes
Look it up on Bizarre Cinema
Review Written By slave C.
Received On 3.1.16
Regarding Our Session in Feb 2016

"i arrived promptly for my session with Mistress Xena with a bit of nervousness.  While i have had the privilege of sessioning with Her for many years, Her control over me always makes me a bit anxious.  After i knocked at the door i could hear the footsteps approaching and the clicking of Her long, black boots.  The door opened and i was instructed to enter.  As the door closed behind me i saw Mistress wearing black leather boots and Her lovely long dark hair.  She instructed me to strip immediately. Mistress immediately began the process of restraining me lying on the cement floor.  With ropes and other restraints, She firmly secured my body so i was unable to move. 

Grabbing a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and a large bag of clothespins, She then stood above me and lowered her bottom onto my chest where all i could see was Her long black hair and black leather boots.  She lit her cigarette and enjoyed a long smoke as She slowly applied dozens of clothespins to my privates.  During this time, She used my mouth as her ashtray, further making me endure Her control over me.  While the pain grew more intense with each added clothespin, i was firmly under Her control and forced to endure more punishment.  After a lengthy treatment of CBT, it was time for some whipping and corporal punishment.  She led me to a cross and restrained me firmly in position to be whipped.  The pain only excited me more, and was intensified as i watched the mix of skill and anger She expressed while She punished me.  Feeling completely helpless, i recall being so hard i thought i would explode.

Mistress Xena then directed me back on to the floor.  While i lay there, She grabbed my ankles so my erect privates were aimed at my open mouth.  Forcing me to cum into my face is both humiliating, but i see as a reward, for taking Her punishment.  i hope to serve Mistress Xena again soon."