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Here are some images from My 1st professional photo shoot in 2017.
Michael Rothman photographed Me.
I've been working with him since 2006.
I believe this is our 10th photo shoot together.
Enjoy !

My St.Louis was fun!
From a LOT of Nipple Torture, to Bondage, to Flogging lucky servants.
you know what's funny? Every time I advertise that I will be traveling to St.Louis,
I receive inquiries from Kansas City bitches who want to play. One day, I'd like to travel to KC.
I've never been. So in the near future, I'll be in your location. Stay tuned!
I'm coming for you! I will be in your city from Feb 25-26.
Availability: Feb 25: After 4pm. Feb 26: From 10am-12pm.
It's going to be a short one, unfortunately.
I look forward to seeing some of you lucky slaves!   
It was great meeting you lucky bitches in Detroit. My trip was sponsored by a willing victim ("Doughboy") who requested Beat-down sessions. WOW, IT WAS FUN !!!

Then, A random person over the phone asked Me the other day, "What's a "Beatdown Session"? I'll tell you in a very short answer: Beatdown session = I beat the shit out of you. 

Ok, I'll describe it in detail: It involves Ball Busting, Face Slapping / Face Punching (with Punching, I tend to wear boxing gloves & you MUST wear a mouth guard), Hair Pulling, Kicking & Belly Punching. It is intense!!!

So, if you request a Beat Down session, make sure you are aware what you're getting yourself into. Inform Me of your limits, what your pain tolerance is and if you may receive marks or not. 
I will be in Detroit, from Feb 17-19!
I've performed in Detroit 2x's (2006 & 2007).
This time, it will be My 1st time sessioning in your city.
I am excited to meet some of you lucky Detroit slaves!
Despite all the snow that has covered Boston, it turned out to be a very good trip!
I was there Friday & Saturday (Feb 10-11) when the storm did NOT hit.
I arrived to 12 feet of snow. I'm used to it, since I'm from Chicago & every
winter, we are usually clobbered with loads of snow. But the Boston boys who
couldn't make it due to 'the snow', you'll catch Me next time. And the lucky ones
who were able to see Me, I had a fantastic time with you all ! I can't wait to be back !
Today is My 1st Photo Shoot of 2017.
Here's a behind the scenes pic in between My shoot with Michael Rothman.
You are also welcome to email Me to inquire: