Oh, Lizzy


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Today's visit up to Milwaukee was a spur-of-the-moment.
My boys couldn't wait to serve Me. The images (above) were taken today @ Mistress Myrina's studio.
If you didn't catch Me today, then stay tuned to My blog announcements as to when I'll be back in town.
Who celebrates Valentine's Day? I DO !
I've received a lovely bouquet of roses, several kisses, a box of chocolates and a dinner date with a special someone.
Spending quality time with your special someone: It is truly Priceless.
Can you image if there were 2 of Me? DOUBLE TROUBLE!
Today's scene involved: Sensory Deprivation, Electrical Play, Tease & Denial and Latex Worship.
Roberta begged to have his cock & balls tortured, humiliated and pretty much beaten up. So, of course, I proceeded with our fun and painful session (painful on his part, of course).
Session involved: Cock & Ball Whipping, Stretching, Clothespins, Bumble Ball Play (see pix), Ball Busting, Cock Bondage.
He asked about castration, since we both think his tiny sack is pretty worthless & disgusting.
But, as some of you might know, I do NOT do castration services.
Can you imagine if I DID offer castration?
Yeah Yeah, keep dreaming!